Reduced Inequalities

Inequality harms, on the one hand, people’s personal and professional fulfillment, and, on the other, social development, economic growth and poverty reduction.

We have designed and implemented a strategy of social and economic inclusion of a sector of the population that is usually outside the formal economic system.

Through our 360 Degrees Model, we promote the labor insertion of our beneficiaries, which is possible thanks to the mental and emotional treatment that enables them to structure and sustain an adequate life project, and to the technical training we offer them. The formality of the jobs and the generation of stable income guarantee their participation in the contributory health and social security systems, which allows them to join the middle class and access decent living standards.

In addition to this, the young women participate in workshops on entrepreneurship and receive advisory services to boost their own businesses.

Our actions are oriented to goals 10.1, 10.2, and 10.3 of the REDUCED INEQUALITIES Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

We have transformed the reality of more than

250,000 people