Meet our teenage mothers and their children!

In this section, you can hear their stories of overcoming adversity and find out about our latest news at Juanfe.

16 December, 2022

Inspire Fem 2023

At Inspira Fem you will be immersed with us to meet teenage mothers, their babies and the context in which they live, with the aim of inspiring you to transform your environment.
7 December, 2022

Inspire Summer Program 2023

At Inspire Summer Program you will be immersed with us to get to know teenage mothers, their babies and the context in which they live, with the goal of inspiring you to be a great leader.
8 September, 2022

Juanfe foundation will be part of the II GALA PANAMERICANA ‘America Viva! 100 Voices

This year 30 organizations from 8 countries of the Americas, including us, will participate in this charity event for the education of children and youth. On this event we want to exalt the diversity, solidarity, and cultural richness.
4 August, 2022

Inspire, the Juanfe’s Summer Program

We shared with more than 40 young people from 10 countries, where they went on immersion with us to meet teenage mothers, their babies, and the context in which they live.
15 July, 2022

Dinner of the Juanfe in Madrid, Spain

After two years we returned to Madrid, Spain, with our dinner at the Colombian Embassy, ​​where we shared with friends of Juanfe in this country.
12 July, 2022

Jessica Hernández, graduate of Juanfe in Cartagena

Our 360 Degrees Model, consolidated as a model of economic development, manages to turn teenage mothers into emotionally and economically independent women.
12 July, 2022

This is how our social development model breaks cycles of poverty

At Juanfe, we are committed to breaking the cycles of poverty of marginalized adolescent mothers in Latin America, investing in their health, education, and connection to the formal labor market.
11 July, 2022

Our social impact in Medellín

In 3 years of operation in Medellín we have impacted the lives of hundreds of teenage mothers. Achieving their insertion into the world of work with a formal and stable job. This is the story of Manuela, Valentina and Carolina.
11 July, 2022

Catalina Escobar launches her first book “Más Allá”

On March, Catalina Escobar, the Juanfe Foundation President. launched her first book, "Más allá: la impactante historia de una mujer que desafió lo imposible", in Bogotá and Miami.

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