Creating new opportunities for teenage mothers

Impact Evaluation of the 360° Model

Andes University with its Imagina program, developed during 3 years (2016-2019) the Impact Evaluation of our 360° Model applied to 707 adolescent mothers in Cartagena, in order to analyze the relevance, sustainability, and effectiveness of our intervention.

We have shown that the group of young women evaluated, who satisfactorily comply with our intervention model, obtain a substantial impact on their educational, labor, and social future. Likewise, we empowered them to acquire tools for their sexual health, preventing subsequent pregnancies in their entirety.
For its part, the cost-benefit analysis indicated in 2017 that our intervention model is profitable for society in a timeframe of 31 months. That is, the social benefits it generates exceed the cost incurred for its operation and grow exponentially.
One year after a young woman successfully graduates from the program, her labor income doubles. The results obtained highlight the following Treatment Average (ATT):
  • The income of a young woman who graduates from Juanfe vs. a young woman who does not participate in the 360° Model intervention doubles by 101%.
  • Girls who graduate have a 79% chance of being employed.

The 360° Model has a positive and significant impact on the empowerment of young women and prevents subsequent pregnancy in the short term. After 4 years, the Intense Rate of Return is 11.5%.

We have transformed the reality of more than

290.000 people