4 August, 2022

Inspire, the Juanfe’s Summer Program

We shared with more than 40 young people from 10 countries, where they went on immersion with us to meet teenage mothers, their babies, and the context in which they live.
15 July, 2022

Dinner of the Juanfe in Madrid, Spain

After two years we returned to Madrid, Spain, with our dinner at the Colombian Embassy, ​​where we shared with friends of Juanfe in this country.
11 July, 2022

Our social impact in Medellín

In 3 years of operation in Medellín we have impacted the lives of hundreds of teenage mothers. Achieving their insertion into the world of work with a formal and stable job. This is the story of Manuela, Valentina and Carolina.
11 July, 2022

Catalina Escobar launches her first book “Más Allá”

On March, Catalina Escobar, the Juanfe Foundation President. launched her first book, "Más allá: la impactante historia de una mujer que desafió lo imposible", in Bogotá and Miami.
14 October, 2021

Our 360º model wins award in Spain

On October 6, we received the Fundación MAPFRE Award for Best Social Impact Project or Initiative for our 360 Degrees Model, a social development model that lifts teenage mothers in extreme poverty and vulnerability out of poverty in Colombia, Chile and Panama. La Juanfe was the only Colombian organization at the gala.
30 July, 2021

Open call for beneficiaries in Medellín

We are calling for young people under the age of 20 to become beneficiaries for the Foundation in Medellín.
23 April, 2021

Juanfe paves the way for social investment

The country is ready to invest in socially profitable projects and opens a new sustainability landscape for the social sector in Colombia.
29 March, 2021

Our ‘Women Working for the World 2021’ Conference is here!

For 9 years we have been building this project to talk about gender equality, from a constructive and proactive point of view. On 8th April 2021, you can follow it […]
23 February, 2021

‘Women Working for the World’ becomes a gender platform!

Este año, nuestro foro Women Working for the World se transforma en una plataforma de contenidos de género y desarrollo social sostenible. ¡Sé parte de nuestra comunidad digital!