Yara García

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Before I tell my story I want to emphasize that my case is a story of success, but to be a teenage mother is not a game, it is a difficult task with all the risks, complications and difficulties that involves. My name is Yara García, I graduated from Juanfe Foundation in December 2008. I’ve been working for more than 3 years as an Account Executive in a prestigious company in Cartagena. I still remember my first day at the Foundation: I was pregnant and scared. Nevertheless, I was aware that I needed to make an effort and to use the best of my abilities so my daughter and I could end up better. I shined in all my classes. I learned the importance of education and responsibility. As I always say “What they teach you in Juanfe Foundation is Gold”.  With the support of the Foundation I studied Beauty and later Marketing. Then, I made an effort and applied all the lessons I learned into my work and my family life. Do you want to know what I think of myself? I’m the best in the different aspects of my life, because I do my best in each.

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