Ximena Perez Ruiz

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ximenaartMy name is Ximena Perez Ruiz. I’m a proud mother of a very cute girl named Tania Sofia and I’m a future professional in Occupational Health. Since I was little I always dreamed of studying in college and having my own beauty business. When I knew that my daughter was coming, I was afraid of not being able to fulfill my dreams, but above all, not being able to provide a decent life for her. I write you, that I’m a future professional because I have been in the Teenage Mothers Program- Phase I, for six months. In which I have started to believe in myself again and in my dreams and abilities. I am convinced that if I prepare myself, I can not only graduate from college but also offer my daughter a better future. At the Foundation I have learned the importance of having goals and work every day to achieve them. I am aware of this big opportunity that life has given me, because sadly there are a lot of girls as young as me that are pregnant and they do not have this blessing. This is also why I have the responsibility to take full advantage of this opportunity.

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