Teenage Mothers Empowerment

Through our 360-degrees intervention model we break poverty cycles caused by teenage pregnancy. We provide our beneficiaries with psychological care, nutrition and medical attention, as well as basic education and vocational training. Once they have completed the different phases of the intervention, we help them find a formal job that will allow them to receive a stable income, and become empowered women and economically independent mothers.

Our model consists of three phases that are designed to help the teenage mothers and their children return to the development pyramid:

Teenage Mothers Program (Phase I)

70% of the first phase emphasizes on the psychosocial strengthening of the adolescent mothers. The remaining 30% is focused on targeted job training that will allow them to generate stable income. Additionally, our beneficiaries and their children receive medical and nutritional attention, as well as workshops about sexuality and civism, amongst others.


Teenage Mothers Extension Program (Phase II)

In the second phase, we accentuate the training of the teenage mothers, offering them the tools needed for them to be ready to participate in the labor market and generate a sustainable income. After they finish high school, we qualify them in one of the following careers by awarding them a technical degree in: international cuisine, hotel services, and beauty.

Once they complete one of the careers offered by the Foundation, they have the opportunity to access the scholarship bank and continue their technical, technological, or professional formation. During the second phase, the mothers continue receiving psychosocial support and medical attention.

Employment and Entrepreneurship Office (Phase III)

Once the teenagers finish their training they gain access to the Employment and Entrepreneurship Office. The Employment Office helps them find a job that will help them generate a stable income and will truly improve their quality of life and the quality of life of their families. The Employment Office was created in 2012 and has a dual responsibility: to ensure that adolescents are in suitable conditions for the job and that employers meet all standards required by the labor law, as well as maintaining a close relationship with the industry to provide feedback to the programs ensuring the Foundation is effectively responding to the labor needs of the city.

Infant Development Center (CIDI)

The CIDI was created to provide comprehensive assistance to the most vulnerable children of our beneficiaries. Annually, the center thoroughly assists the children that are identified as the ones that require the most attention and follow up with the Foundation. The CIDI aims to improve the physical and psychomotor development of the babies while strengthening the maternal-infant bond. It also focuses on teaching the teenage girls how to be good mothers. The CIDI helps to avoid desertion by providing childcare while the mothers study.

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