Juanfe Foundation organizes events every year for fundraising.

Women Working for the World Conference


The Women Working for the World Conference is a space for debate and discussion that seeks to highlight the importance of gender issues for the sustainable social development of our nations. This forum is a place to discuss the many problems that women and girls face today like teen pregnancy, reproductive rights, education, domestic violence, poverty and social development.

Top Cup Juanfe


The Top Cup Juanfe, has become more than just a competition but a reason to celebrate. Every year more than 140 golf players participate, including businessmen and friends of Juanfe Foundation. Sponsors connect with their customers in a special way and brands shine thanks to their social commitment.

“Más Arte Más Impacto” Auction


The “Más Arte Más Impacto” auction is a space where art and the desire to help those most in need meet. The auction includes the work of national and international artists of great recognition.

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