Advancing for the Future

The socio-economic crisis in Venezuela caused a wave of migration that has led thousands of people to settle in other countries: Colombia has received more than 1.748.000 Venezuelans. It is estimated that around 52.000 have settled down in Cartagena.

Because of the extreme vulnerability and discrimination in the country, Mercy Corps created the Project Advancing for the Future, of which Juanfe is part. We promote the quality of life of Venezuelan migrants through collaborative programs that strengthen the local capacity to increase access to legal protection, health, psychosocial opportunities, employment, and livelihoods.

Our lines of action are:

  1. Health care: general medicine, gynecology, nutrition, nursing, pediatrics, and psychology.
  2. Workshops on sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  3. Friendly and safe spaces: workshops and topics are regarding assertive communication, defense of women’s rights, personal growth, recognition of human rights, and social and personal skills.

Our goal is to improve access to critical protection support services for children, teenagers, and youth, increasing access to sexual and reproductive health services, primary health care, prevention, and hygiene promotion services for vulnerable Venezuelan migrants in Cartagena.

We expected to assist more than 3.000 people. Prioritizing on taking care of women, children, and teenagers, delivering around 2.500 nutritional supplements and more than 300 family planning methods.

Juanfe’s Bakery allows local companies to carry out good corporate social responsibility practices, when purchasing our products, and therefore to contribute to the construction of a better city and country.

On the other, it is a business unit that favors the self-generation of economic resources for the operation and continuity of our programs in Cartagena.

It is located in our Social Centre, and we also have a point of sale at Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar.

By buying products from our bakery, you contribute to transforming the lives of teenage mothers and children from the poorest neighborhoods of Cartagena.

If you are interested, please contact:

Verónica Burgos
+57 321 6930626
+57 5 6517071 Ext. 137

We have transformed the reality of more than

250,000 people