Evelyn Martín Molina

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My name is Evelyn Martín Molina; I am 21 and have a beautiful three year old daughter.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was scared, frightened and unsure what the future would hold for me. Although some people told me that having a child at an early age would stop me from succeeding my goals, I realized as time went by that my daughter was in fact a reason for me to try harder towards a better future for both me and her.

When I first arrived at the Juanfe Foundation, I was welcomed with open arms and greeted with people who I’ve become close enough to call family. In my first semester I studied logistics and continued on to get a technical degree in hospitality and tourism services. Currently I am working as server in the Intercontinental Hotel of Cartagena.

The staff at Juanfe has been and will continue to be like a second family to me, they have helped me get through difficult times and continue to help me achieve an even higher living standard.

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