Daniela Margarita Martínez

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My name is Daniela Margarita Martínez. I am currently finishing my studies in cuisine within the Teenage Mothers Extension Program- Phase II. When I entered to Juanfe Foundation I suffered of low self-esteem and I felt my life was motionless. My son Tiago, who is now almost 2 years old, was born with a complex congenital disease. I had to make many efforts and visit many hospitals so my child could have the necessary surgeries for his disease, but the answer was always the same: come later. Whenever he felt very sick I got scared because I didn’t know what to do and the attention we received was not the best. A few months later I was fortunate to join the Foundation in which they not only gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream to study cuisine, but also due to the attention given by the Juan Felipe Medical Center, the health of my son Tiago changed positively. A few months ago, the Foundation CardioInfantil performed my child’s last operation to improve his health. Now I am not only an empowered woman, but I also have a son who is prepared to have a happy, positive and healthy childhood.

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