The Juanfe Foundation is characterized for having an impeccable, ethical, and efficient use of the resources donated from both the public and private sectors and individual donors. Through a rigorous accounting system we have earned the trust and credibility of our partners.

We built a model that breaks poverty cycles, because we believe that with discipline, accuracy and effort, excellence can be achieved.

Respect is the cornerstone for the relationships held between our staff, beneficiaries, donors and everyone that surrounds the Foundation.

Human Dignity
We promote human dignity because we believe that everyone should have the right to express themselves as free individuals, in societies that treat them with respect and tolerance.

Due to the mutual collaboration between our members, volunteers, and our stakeholders, we have created sustainable social changes. The collaboration, solidarity and effective communication make an important part of our internal and external relationships.

We always act in favor of our beneficiaries, seeking to achieve in each activity, project, and program the highest standards of honesty and rectitude.

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